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If the exterior or cladding of your commercial property looks dirty, it may reflect badly on the business.

Most people resort to pressure washing. This can cause immense damage to cladding, render wood, stonework, brickwork and other hard surfaces. Pressure Pros gives the best results in the gentlest way possible, without causing any damage to your property.

Pressure Pros is your number one choice for cladding cleaning in Plymouth, not only cleaning your cladding but also disinfecting and sanitising the surfaces, killing black spores, mould and getting the stubborn stains most others wouldn’t be able to.

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We use a pressure washing system that safely and effectively removes all the cladding dirt, grime, and build-up.

Our team is experienced in using this system to clean various surfaces, including wood, plastic, metal, and brick.

We also use a special detergent that helps break down any built-up grease or oil. This allows us to clean the cladding without causing any damage thoroughly.

A clean and vibrant house or business exterior is essential to make a good impression on your visitors and clientele. A beautifully designed cladding does just that. It makes the people visiting your property sit back and take notice. It cements a positive image in their minds and makes you feel pride in your home or business.

But the same gorgeous glass panelling or unique timber boards could make a horrible impression if it has layers of dirt. Or if the wood is rotting or has mould on it. And a glass façade with scratches and spots looks quite horrible.

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