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Pressure Pros offers roof cleaning services to all commercial and residential buildings throughout the Plymouth area.

If your building roof has moss, mould, lichens or algae growing on it, Pressure Pros can clean it off and bring back the amazing street appeal it once had.

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Harnessing the latest product and system innovation, we will create an environment for our people to develop and thrive, deliver service with the customer at the core.

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This goes beyond providing the specialist restoration, cleaning and decontamination services, and focuses on really listening to what our customers want.

Pressure Pros offers a longer lasting effect and a deeper clean than traditional methods of commercial and industrial roof cleaning. An unsightly roof on a commercial property could be bad for business, especially in the hospitality sector. Pressure Pros provides a professional moss removal and roof cleaning service for commercial and industrial roofs, using specialist low pressure methods, that thoroughly clean your roof without causing any damage.

By using Pressure Pros, you will prolong the life of your roof and increase the kerb appeal of your property. Our professional roof cleaning service will not only leave your roof looking in much better condition but it can save you money in the long run by avoiding huge roof repair bills. The service can also improve the value and appearance of your commercial property.

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